Special Olympics Gibraltar in Andorra


Special Olympics Gibraltar seven aside football team were invited by Special Olympics Catalyuna to their 5th tournament in which they had participated two years ago.

They came second in the tournament, beaten one goal by catalyuna. Marvin zammit was awarded best goalkeeper of the tournament. The team enjoyed their trip which was sponsored by the law enforcement torch run.


Fri 11 Jun-10.  09:00h

S.O. Gibraltar 7 Vs S.O.  Andorra

Francis  Huart   1
Samyr  Annakkar  2
Nicholas Danino 2
Sam Hook  1
Glen Winblenton  1

Fri 11 Jun-10.  13:30h

S. O. Catalunya 3 Vs 3 S. O. Gibraltar

Jeremy Prescott   3

Fri 11 Jun-10. 17:15h

S.O. Monaco 1 Vs 1 S.O. Gibraltar

Jeremy Prescott.  1
Jansen Gilbert   1

S.O. Monaco 2 Vs 4 S.O. Catalinya
S.O. Andorra 1 Vs 4 S.O. Monaco
S.O. Andorra 1 Vs 6 S.O. Catalinya


Sat 12 Jun-10.  11:15h

S.O. Monaco 2 Vs 2 S.O. Catalunya (Catalunya pass by penalties)

Sat 12 Jun-10. 12:00h

S.O. Gibraltar  5 Vs 2 S.O.  Andorra

Darren Vinent 3
Nicholas Danino 1
Sam Hook 1


Sat 12 Jun-10 19:00h

S.O. Gibraltar 3 Vs 4 S.O. Catalunya

Jeremy Prescott 1
Nicholas Danino 1
Jansen Gilbert   1

Gibraltar team 

1 Marvin Zammit
3 Francis  Huart
5 Darren Vinent
7 Jeremy Prescott
8 Samyr  Annakkar
9 Nicholas Danino
10 Jansen Gilbert
11 Sam Hook
12 Glen Wimblenton
13 Samuel Santos

Henry Danino
Rafael Celecia
James  Danino